Equestrian Areas

For our members with horses, Lake Carroll offers two equestrian areas. Our main equine area is located behind the Leroy Hinkle Dam. It provides a hillside pasture for grazing with lean-tos for shelters and trees for shade for standard-sized horses. There’s a fence enclosure where owners can work with their horses for training purposes, as well as a separate area where miniature breeds are kept. An enclosed shelter is located by the pasture to keep the food and tack safe and secure.

A second pasture area is located on the south edge of the lake property near the campground and Plumtree Recreation Area. Both areas offer quick access to the 14.5-mile trail system that offers a pleasant ride that takes you in and out of the scenic wooded area that surrounds our land.

Members are responsible for the care of their horses while at Lake Carroll unless other arrangements have been made with another member. The Equestrian Club is a group of members who have a passion for horsemanship and a desire to share their knowledge. 

For more information, please contact:
Kim & Lawrence Mehringer

Lake Carroll Equestrian Center
(Located across from the W. Marina behind the dam)
28-970 Lake Carroll Blvd.
Lanark, IL 61046