What is Lake Carroll?

Lake Carroll Association was established on May 15th, 1972 by Russwood of Illinois, Inc., who purchased 5,000 acres of land for 50 million dollars. The then farmland was soon to become a premier second home community with the state’s largest man-made body of water. Nearly 50 years later, Lake Carroll has maintained their commitment to the preservation and enhancement of the recreation-oriented community nearly 6,000 members call home. Lake Carroll Association is a private, planned community, governed and owned by their members.

Lake Carroll Mission

Lake Carroll is a private four-season, recreation-oriented, planned community that provides a secure environment for the members. This environment includes, but is not limited to: a 640-acre lake, an 18 hole golf course, rolling wooded hills with scenic views, a clubhouse, restaurant, lodge, ski hill, swimming pool complex, fish hatchery, campground, equestrian area, wildlife and trails.

Lake Carroll Vision

The Lake Carroll Association will fund and manage the amenities to ensure that the private, recreation-oriented community is maintained and enhanced, while the members are united in their efforts to support all of the amenities.

  • The Lake Carroll Association will be self-funded to ensure autonomy. The primary means of funding will be membership dues and revenues generated by the sale of products and services.
  • The Lake Carroll Association will provide a management team utilizing proven management skills in leadership, financial planning, project management, and communications, which will maintain, enhance, and protect the assets of Lake Carroll as well as the safety and security of its members and guests.
  • The Association will provide rules and regulations, which govern our members and serve to enhance and protect our facilities while not impeding the enjoyment of the amenities.